• Remote Sensing and Value added Services

    MEGASOFT NETWORK is set for its objective to be a one-stop-center to cater for the geospatial industry’s needs. In order to complement this objective, MEGASOFT NETWORK has equipped itself with the capability and expertise in understanding various types of satellite data i.e radar imagery (SAR), optical, microwave, LIDAR and etc. MEGASOFT NETWORK is capable of providing data, total system, solutions, training and consultations in the field of Remote Sensing. MEGASOFT NETWORK offers data products ranging from airborne to spaceborne sensors, including optical, radar or microwave to ensure completeness in the dataset. In addition, MEGASOFT NETWORK also offers the hardware for the acquisition of these data in the event such requirement arises due to factors such as security. MEGASOFT NETWORK joints with its partners, locally and overseas to provide the best software and hardware to form a system complete with required customization to cater to the customer’s present and future needs in terms of processing the data. The experience to set up such system has strong presence in the company. MEGASOFT NETWORK, collaborating with academics institutions and partners with extensive real-life experiences worldwide offers training courses in the processing and interpretation of remote sensing data for security (i.e. military, police) and public (i.e. agriculture, town-planning) users. Realizing the importance of the knowledge, in information extraction, MEGASOFT NETWORK has set up with various experts to provide these courses to the needed customers to enhance their capability and increase their efficiency.